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2021-09-30 App synchronization issue
Until 07:45 this morning, there was an app sync glitch that resulted in a message that our SSL certificate had expired. This was misleading in that the certificate was valid. However, there was a change to the issuer's root certificate that ultimately led to this message. The certificate chain could be restored, synchronization in the apps are possible again. We are very sorry for the outage and thank you for your understanding!

2021-07-07: Maintenance work on our servers
On Friday, 2021-07-09, maintenance work on our servers will take place between 13:00 and probably 13:30 GMT. The service 'SiDiary Online' and our website will not be available during this time. We apologize for this.

2021-04-06: SiDiary and Tidepool

With today's update we also created an import filter for files created with Tidepool-Online. If you don't know it yet: Tidepool is a nice alternative to read out your insulin pump if you don't want to use CareLink Personal or Diasend; it's worth a look:

You can then export this data into an Excel file and import it into SiDiary with the new import filter for Tidepool-Online.
Our colleague Jörg Möller likes to use it because it makes reading out his MiniMed 640G easier than with CareLink and the import looks much tidier than with a CareLink file.

Why don't you give it a try? All you need is a free account at Tidepool and a Chrome web browser.

2021-02-16: SiDiary and OmniPod Dash

With the last update to version 6.2.1341 SiDiary added the option to import data from the insulin pump "OmniPod Dash" into the SiDiary logbook.

You just have to connect the PDM via USB cable to the PC and choose the option "Export". In the Windows file explorer you will see the file "OmniPodDash.ibf" under "Android". This can then be copied to the PC and imported with the import filter "Insulet OmiPod Dash".

2020-10-30: Favorites in SiDiary even easier

With the current version 6.2.1340 you can edit your favorites list for meter/file imports in SiDiary even easier. Just click on the asterisk next to an entry of your choice in the list of measurement devices to add or remove this device to your favorites. A hint: with the button "Edit list" you can also add or remove all devices from the list at once.

This new update also includes an adjustment to the new format of data from Medtronic CareLink. So if you have a MiniMed insulin pump, you should definitely do it.

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